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Yu Won Hwa Mu Sul is Korean for Water Circle Harmony Martial Arts. The Yu Won Hwa is a traditional martial arts theory which governs the principles of movement and mentality of a true martial artist.


Yu (the water principle) is the softness and adaptability similar to the properties of water. Yu means a martial artists body must be soft and relaxed. For example something brittle and stiff breaks easily, while soft bends. Being too tense creates energy blockages that prohibit the flow of energy through the body. Energy flows much easier through a soft and supple body giving a martial artist more strength.

Won (the circular principle) is a way of gaining momentum for executing techniques. The circular action used in executing joint locks may be either large or small circle. If an opponent attacks in a linear fashion, such as a punch or knife thrust, the defender can redirect by leading the attack using a circular movement, thereby adding the attackers power to their own.

Hwa (the non-resistance/harmony principle) represents the calmness and unity of mind and body. Hwa is the act of remaining relaxed and not directly opposing an opponents strength. Defenders must move with their opponents and find an opening that will allow them to return the aggressors force back to them.

The theory of Yu Won Hwa is that as flowing water seeks a harmonious state with its environment, constantly adapting to external changes, we should seek to maintain harmony within our inner circle so that all trespassers in this space are redirected in direct proportion to the force they introduce.

Yu Won Hwa Logo

Master Will Gomez

Headmaster of Yu Won Hwa Mu Sul

Master Will has been practicing martial arts for over 25 years. He has training experience in traditional Korean Martial Arts, Taekwondo, and Chinese Acrobatics/Circus Arts. Growing up in Benicia, Master Will graduated from Benicia High, and then attended UC Berkeley. He was a member of their Olympic Taekwondo fighting team and demo/performance team. Master Will has won numerous titles and grand championships in empty hand forms, weapons, and fighting divisions. He has been an active member of the community getting involved with the elementary schools and bringing martial arts to our youth. Master Will has made it his life goal to teach healthy habits along with life skills through martial arts.

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